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Here's how to find your way no matter where you are. Here's how to conquer the world around you and dare to explore new places without fear of getting lost. Here's how to help you feel confident because you know exactly where you're coming. With HERE you can search, navigate and view directions anywhere in the world - even when there is no internet connection. Just download and save maps on your phone or tablet and they will work when your device is offline, no matter where you are. With HERE, you can map any moment. Find the restaurants and shops in your area. Establish plans for improvisation and share your location with friends by using Glympse. Or prepare for a trip by personalizing the map with all the locations you want to discover when you get there. Even you can check the ratings and rating of Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and more. Whether moving by car anywhere, you are getting a world-class navigation with directions by-turn voice. And with traffic information and direct public transport, you will always find the quickest route.

Here's how you can experience the world with new and exciting ways:

- Always know where you are coming: Driving Instruction and walk by-turn voice even without an Internet connection.
- The map is always active: Interactive map of over 100 countries enables you to download, store and use offline.
- Choose the fastest route: Maps, directions and public transport information for more than 800 cities in over 40 countries.
- Avoid delays: The information in real time about traffic and road banned for more than 40 countries.
- Plan your trip before departure: Personalized maps on your phone or on and save all the places you want to go there.
- Easy to communicate with friends: Glympse lets you share the journey and time to his writing or email.

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