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In a world where football has become a science, we have created an immersive app to empower you with football knowledge. Kick offers you a companion football experience filled with contextual, personalised content before, during and after matches.

★ VS ★

This powerful and unique feature allows you to compare any player or team against others competing in any of the supported leagues. In a simple head-to-head matchup, you can also compare seasonal stats against the league average. You can share the visualisation of your chosen comparison with your friends at the tap of a button.

The visually rich 3D Shot Map feature gives a live snapshot of all goals and on-/off-target shots. Remove any clutter from too many shots by disabling any shot type from the legend. As with the VS feature, you can also share a 3D shot map with your friends.
★ MULTISCREEN ★ (for 2014 Samsung SmartTV)
Download Kick on your Samsung SmartTV to get the ultimate football viewing experience. Once downloaded, launch the SmartTV app from your tablet to enable the display of live match stats on your TV. At the end of the match the Kick app will turn off automatically on your SmartTV.
Get a complete picture of what happened on the pitch in your league within a single screen. Kick shows you all the key events on a week-by-week basis, providing past mach data and future fixtures.

What's New
Faster push notifications
New, richer Live Feed available on Match page

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