WHAFF additional new features that you can receive continuous reward
Being constantly rewarded with an application
Now earn free allowances to reward the best apps, WHAFF!
With the reliability and credibility, WHAFF is your best choice!

1. Get rewards to download an application
2. Get rewards for using the application
3. Get rewards for maintaining the application on your device

Nothing can give you free money as WHAFF!
Try WHAFF now and discover our new features!
Now there is money continuity with application WHAFF best reward!

Discover useful applications and Be rewarded with cash or gifts Cards!

Do you want to discover new applications and get rewarded with cash or gifts Cards? WHAFF will allow you to browse Sponsored Apps WHAFF hand picked and enjoy whenever you download apps.

# Code of activity:
1. Log into WHAFF with your Facebook account.
2. Browse new applications and download them if you want.
3. Get money through Paypal or Gift Cards (Amazon Gift Card, Gift Card facebook, PlayStation Gift Card, Google Play gift cards, gift cards and slightly Gift Card Xbox) when you earn more than $ 10.

What our users say:
"It's exactly what it says. I did get 2 bonus so far. Thanks Whaff!"
"This application is a very easy and fun way to earn free stuff!"
"No other applications to close to this!"


The following actions are prohibited:

- Using VPN, proxy, or any other person accessing illegal allowed (abnormal) to WHAFF
- Using multiple IDs with a device
- Use multiple devices with an ID
- Any other action that may cause the benefits of WHAFF and users

The participants in the action will be banned and credit will be lost.

Also, do not put your invitation code in the Google Play your review. It can make your account banned.

You can use the application WHAFF other rewards such as "Tap Cash" and "Junowallet".
But if you get rewards for similar suggestions from other applications, you can not get rewards from WHAFF or vice versa.

Zenfone Support
Notification Bug fix
WHAFF Pick Bug Fix
Facebook Invitation Bug fix
Bug Fix
New payout options added
(Amazon, facebook, PlayStation, Google Play, Xbox and Steam)
1. Notice function enhanced
2. AdColony, Vungle and Metaps added

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