More than just a launcher, APUS is a system user.
APUS provides you with user-system smallest, fastest and easiest you will ever know.

Highlights of APUS (Light Speed)
Lightweight: 1MB size to save your memory
Speed: one click to speed up your phone
Powerful: one click to save battery life
Smart: one click to start your application portfolio
Interesting: 1 struck to find common application around you

Comments from users and the press:
"Launcher wonderful. Very fast and easy to use. "- TECHTOM
"The user interface neat and easy to use and it will automatically categorize your apps into folders smart - this is a great result." - PocketTechGuide.
"Absolutely fantastic, anyone have a problem with slow speed, use this app. Like me, I love the simplicity of it subtle. Reducing the use of ram to 300 mb! "- Syed Ali
"Perfect in a compact package .. Simple, fast and save battery ... Normally my lg phone to be used only for a day ... After using apus, it can last for 2 day .. Excellent "- Jong Han

Tell the world:
APUS provide products and services are warmly welcome the world for continuous innovation.
Recently, there are many launcher (with very little user) to copy the idea of APUS.
They bill themselves under the guise of APUS and trick users into downloading.
Be wary of it !! Thank you

The features of APUS (Light Speed)
smart folders - Manage performance applications, automatically sort your applications based on function.
DISCOVER THE APPLICATION - APUS RADAR help you discover popular applications around. Lots of exciting things await you and will satisfy your curiosity.
acceleration - Speed game and your application, cleanup memory (RAM) and the speed of your device. APUS Boost makes it easy to speed up directly from your home screen.
Toolbar Notification - Provides the ability to convert useful as lamps, and Wi-Fi data. Manage your phone easily at maximum speed.
The language-support Arabic / English / French / German / Hindi / English Indonesia / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Portuguese / Portuguese, Brazil / Russian / Simplified Chinese / Spanish / Thai / Traditional Chinese / Turkish / Vietnamese

What's New

APUS v1.6.7 Update
1.APUS Mobile Search, help to find apps besides web page.
2.New radar, exploring nearby apps.
3.Android5.0 adaption.
APUS is the fastest and smallest user system in the world, it's not only a launcher, it brings magnificent experience.
Downloaf for International 1 : Android

Downloaf for International 2 : Android

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