Top Game With Over 3 Million Players Online Simultaneously
※Collect Heroes-with the most cards from Three Kingdoms!
※Violent Rage-the visually stunning hero skills!
※Funny Plots-having an unbelievable humorous plots!
OMG! Kingdoms!, a fantastic and cute card game based on the acclaimed Three Kingdoms, with exquisite pictures, humorous plots and amazing battle gameplay. You can feel free to collect cards. Come and enjoy it!

The story happened in the period of Three Kingdoms, the protagonist waked up from the nightmare against the demon king and realized that the quiet Village of Peach Blossoms happened to be invaded by Yellowband Rebel. When he tried to struggle with them, Liu Pei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu from Three Kingdoms came to help him to repel the Rebel. In order to disclose the nightmare, and keep human beings from battles, he embarked on his journey……

Funny Plots
Righteous Guan Yu, foolhardy Lv Bu, heinous Dong Zhuo. All memories you have will be changed thoroughly. In OMG! Kingdoms!, you will experience a totally different Three Kingdoms.

Most Cards
There are numerous heroes in Three Kingdoms. The development and research team has dig into the history and recreated massive heroes than we can imagine. Every hero has his unique growing and advancing path. Come and make your Three Kingdoms team.

Transformation System
Zhao Yun transformed into a vile master? Zhuge Liang turned into a cute baby? Wow, it is so weird and incredible. Every hero can have his unique transformation, and all the things are up to you!
Combination Battle
You can have at most 6 cards in a battle. Some heroes have links. Try to collect the link cards as hint. You will experience an invincible and unprecedented battle.

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