With UC Football, you can easily update the latest news and chat with millions of other fans anytime anywhere.

UC Browser bring you to experience the web faster and smoother. UC Browser configuration given different access based on network connection so you can easily adjust your browsing experience according to personal preference, reduce costs and increase speed data download sites with strong compression.

Tiger complete user interface
Redesigned homepage and simplify installation
Super Speed Browsing
Acceleration and extension FB offers fastest browsing speed
Block ads
High speed web browsing, do not worry ad
Download Smart
Support batch download, groundwater and clouds with automatic reload
rich channels
Warehouse novels and comics most diverse, search easy, convenient reading
At UC Center Wallpaper or use your own photos to personalize your browser
Browse Privacy
Browse Security protects your privacy
Night Mode
Switch to night mode to read comfortably at night


★★★★★ The best browser for mobile in 2011 according to
★★★★★ The best browser for Android in 2012 according to

★★★★★ "In short, UC Browser is a product combining outstanding features, designed to be simple, quick browse lists and beautiful layout. That's what a mobile browser must have." -
★★★★★ "The best browser I've ever used. I've been using Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera Boat Browser UC Browser, but only just made me happy with astounding speed. "- Fuad - May 10, 2012 - Version 8.4.1

What's New
1. Tiger complete user interface
Redesigned homepage and simplify installation.
2. Manage the visual tab
Supports tab management with intuitive gesture controls, flexible.
3. Easy to use with one hand
Move the "Menu" below for ease of use
4. Supports Android 5.0 phone and X86
Fully compatible with Android OS phone Lollipop and X86.

Downloaf for International 1 : Android

Downloaf for International 2 : Android

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