ZERO Launcher, the smallest, fastest, perfect launcher!
Small 3D engine with unparalleled 3D effects
Fast speed with 0.2 seconds to launch
Rich FREE premium launcher themes and launcher wallpapers
Christmas Themes for you to decorating your lovely phones, that would make X'mas different!
Content following features:
Different kinds of trees
Snowflake mode
Lovely Snowman
Diamond texture for countdown
Snow of lights
Colorful background images
Control lights fly direction.
We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

► ZERO Boost - Speed up games and apps, clean-up memory (RAM) and boost device automatically.
► ZERO Search – Fast locate an app in fewest touches.
► ZERO Themes – Choose countless beautiful themes from this theme store to decorate your phone.
► ZERO Wallpapers - Animal wallpapers, cartoon wallpapers, game wallpapers, and much more.
► ZERO Locker - Quickly lock phone in a single touch. Save power and buttons. Support unique theme as well.
► Features and functionalities – Screen effects, redesigned icons, Free themes, easy management and control to your phone.
We start from ZERO and pursue the ultimate launcher experience! Most light-weighted, sprint running speed and improved usability, ZERO Launcher is the perfect choice for home screen replacement.

ZERO provides the best our from your mobile phone.
1M size - enough to experience extremely fancy 3D effects
0.2 seconds - to launch with 100% memory optimized
FREE premium themes Forever
HD wallpapers and icons
Easy to switch theme styles
► "I used almost all launchers they are not as fast as this. This is best launcher because it is too small in size it has all things in small size its fast. Download it if you want a small sized and most efficient launcher. Plus if you have a low end phone then it is made for you. Latest update is wonderful. And it’s getting better"
► "The launcher is perfect in my dreams! Very fast and useful. How can it be so small? If you want to know, try using ZERO launcher. It'll worth it."
ZERO team : We are a young team passionate about pursuing dream and perfectness. We are dreaming for the best launcher! We are pursuing the perfectness of performance, speed, experience, effects, etc. We never compromise! We believe that everything is possible!
Optimize the weather plugin,you can select cities and switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit easily.
1. Solve icon disappears problem;
2. Solve the failure of downloading themes;
3. Add swipe down gesture to call application search function;
4. Add app hider function;
5. Add build new folder function;
6. Increase icons consolidation , swipe up with 2 fingers to fill vacancies, click on the vacancies to place icon;
7. Optimization quick switch management function;

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