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Dr. Safety now uses the award-winning Trend Micro virus scanning system certified as the best by AV-TEST to stop malicious Android apps
After 26 years of protecting against viruses and spyware, Trend Micro knows exactly how to protect your privacy online, find your phone if you lose it, safeguard you from strangers on Facebook, and identify malicious apps that can steal from your bank account. Thanks to a constantly-updated, cloud-based protection system, Dr. Safety can find every single malicious app in circulation, detecting 250 million threats per day.

What You Should Know About Dr. Safety
Security Threat Scan - an industry first! - detects and blocks malicious apps before they can reach your device. It can also remove malicious apps already on your Android phone or tablet, and restore the proper settings that malicious apps might have changed
Privacy Risk Scan - identifies which apps collect and steal personal data
Lost Device Protection - lets you find, lock, or wipe the data off a missing device
Safe Web Surfing - blocks malicious websites including fake banking and other fraudulent sites
Call & SMS Filter - blocks unwanted contacts and messages based on your preferences
Social Media Privacy Advisor - improves your Facebook privacy settings
Apps & Games - shows what you can safely install, because every single one has already passed careful security checks
Dr. Safety Level - receive virtual gifts and enjoy special promotions just for using Dr. Safety
My Notifications - displays app information, personalized news, and recommendations just for you
Now you can always download apps with confidence and stop worrying about criminals stealing personal data from your Android device, thanks to Dr. Safety!

What's New
* Made the app even more stable.

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