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Lita: Find, create and share fun together!
Warning: Don’t get too addictive!
2015 funny pics, hilariously pranks, comics, dirty jokes geeky stuff and awesome videos, all in Lita!
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What Lita can do for you:

Pictures: One picture and one sentence, it can hold a BIG smile all day long!
Jokes: Jokes in all categories selected for you, so you can find the ones that you like!
Videos: Feel the moment!
Create some FUN
You can be the star yourself!
Post your own funny pictures, jokes, or videos, and get instant comment right away!
Get people to talk about your posts, create some hype, become the Hottest Topic amongst your Friends!
Share some FUN
Share jokes via Twitter or Facebook to impress your folks!
Bring laughters into your friends’ life!See What's Trending Amongst Your Friends
Get Your Friends Together!

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2. Add feedback feature
3. Separate profile settings from system settings

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