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Have you ever dreamt of conquering the world and having fun with countless HOT beauties? Honey Trap is definitely your choice!
The year's hottest mobile RPG “Honey Trap” has been officially released! Players will be able to experience the turbulent times when battlefields filled the land and flames of war are wide-spread. Come! Assemble your heroes and set out to conquer the world! The beautiful belles are awaiting your arrival!

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Recruit real historical HEROes to build the mightiest of all forces!
HOT beauties accompany you on and off the battlefields!
Challenge LEGENDARY battles to earn great honor!
Amazing battle skills bring you a thrilling combat experience!
Earn superb TREASURE from battles and use it to conquer the world!
Game Features:
Hero System: Actual legendary heroes shall bow to your will. Deploy them accordingly to conquer the world!
Belle System: Hot beauties accompanying players throughout the game!
Skill System: Give the powerful action skill a try and you shall be amazed!
Cultivation System: Activate the potential of heroes and enhance the Belles to help you sweep across the different battlefields!
Exclusive System: Biography exclusive to your heroes. Explore to earn treasures and enhance your combat force!
Totem System: Activate the Constellation Totem to bring hero’s stats into full play!
Nature System: A mind-teasing mix of strategy and wit to best deploy your heroes and troops to be invincible in battles!
Corps System: Build up the most powerful Corps. Work together to earn the secret to Reincarnation!
Invitation System: The more the merrier. Invite your friends on Facebook and earn great rewards.
The most popular RPG mobile game in 2014! The distinct Belle system allows you to enjoy the fun of hot belles who are not only eye-pleasing but also are able to turn the tide of battle! The perfect combination of strategic deployment, hero development and a historical storyline, experience the constantly changing battlefields, attract the eye of the beauties and conquer the world…All of this in HONEY TRAP!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on our Facebook. We will help to solve your problem as soon as possible.
Join Honey Trap! Have fun!

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