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Every Sunday of the week we share the Best Tweaks from the previous week.  Be sure to come back to our site for that specialty post every Sunday.   We post every day about Top Tweaks and iOS applications.

This week we have six great applications.  We are going to share a brief description in this post as well as a video walk through.  Below are this weeks Best Tweaks of The Week.
AppButton   BigBoss Repo $1.49  It adds a button on the edge of the screen.  This button can be tapped to open the last app or other  options which can be configured under the settings menus.  It also can be swiped to open an app switcher which has icons of all the open apps.  Its much easier to use this app switcher with a thumb compared to the other option which requires both hands on most occasions. Wherever you go the app button follows you ready to be invoked.  The tweak can be invoked using Activator or options included in this tweak.
DimMe BigBoss Repo $1   This is a great way to control the dining of the screen.  Users can choose when to dim the screen and the length of time before the screen dims.  It also includes an option users can turn dimming the screen off when using AC.
Harbor BigBoss Repo $2.99 Ultimate Mac OS X style tweak which users may place unlimited number of icons in the dock for your iOS 8 device.  Users can swipe through the icons in the dock creating a wave around the finger.  When receiving notifications in applications the icons will bounce letting users know they have new notifications available.  It can also add a small black dot below each icon.  Much like the new Yosemite OS X.
SBRotator for iOS 8  BigBoss $2.99  This tweak allows the users to rotate the home screen and lockscreen 360 degrees.  It rotates the dock on the side of the screen.  It looks really nice too.  Users can choose to disable applications that do not natively rotate.
Anchor  BigBoss Repo $1.99 This tweak allows users to place your homescreen app icons anywhere you want.  It works much like gridlock did in earlier versions.  This tweak adds a preference pane to the settings applications where you can enable or disable the tweak on demand as well as reset the homescreen icons.
AFVideo  BigBoss Repo  FREE.  This tweak adds autofocus to earlier devices such as the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S.  It will add the autofocus to earlier devices while recording video.  This tweak is not needed on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
Be sure to watch our video below for a hands on look at each of these tweaks up close.  We also appreciate all comments and thoughts left in the comments.

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