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Choose a good web hosting is very important for your project/ your website or your client’s website. Because your web hosting will ensure that your website loading will slow or fast, will got hacked by hackers or not etc. And the speed of your website/blog is very very important – the readers or customers will close your website if they don’t see the home page after 5 seconds or even worse they unable to open your website. The search engine also will not give a good position on search result page for a slow website/blog.

 That’s why choose the right web hosting is important, the good web hosting company will warrant your website will always online, load fast etc..

Why Stablehost ?

And, Stablehost is a very good web hosting compnay like the standard above. They offer cheap price and quality web hosting service for years. They using hottest web hosting technology for their system such as LiteSpeed PHP caching, Solid State Drive (SSD), Cpanel web hosting control panel, R1soft to Backup & Restore your website in few clicks, Unlimited bandwidth etc..

Stablehost Review

My first web hosting purchased ten years ago is Siteground when I started a new blog about giveaway software which is small and the hosting package I purchased name “Friend hosting” has price only $10 per year. After the blog be more popular I had move it to some new hosting providers such as Dreamhost, Hostgator etc..then I sold my blog to starting a new online web service “Website builder” till now.
That’s why I have to recommend and purchase many web hosting for my customers from all around the World: India, USA, Canada, Germany and the 1st hosting company I recommend to my customers is “Stablehost”.

1. Price

Stablehost shared web hosting has cheap price which acceptable quality start from $3.95 per month for 1GB space to $9.95 per month for 20GB space, they offer unlimited bandwidth for all hosting packages so you don’t need worry about bandwidth exceeded. But you buy Stablehost hosting packages cheaper by using their great coupon code 50% one time or 50% life time. You may see all the best Stablehost coupons at bottom of this post.

2. Speed and reliability

The data center of Stablehost located in Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; and Amsterdam, NL. The speed is good, you can download test files at the bottom of the post. Stablehost also guaranteed 99.9% uptime for their shared web hosting and even 99.999% for their Enterprise hosting.

3. Support

The reason I love Stablehost is their support, they always answers my tickets within 30 minutes and resolved all my issues. You also can increase your PHP memory via control panel of your web hosting. A good “Knowledgebase” area also helps you easy to find the answer for most common questions.

4. Hosting packages

Not like other hosting provider only provide shared web hosting & VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting. Stablehost provide the most like web hosting package name “Enterprise hosting”. It’s a higher  level of shared web hosting, please see the compare table below:
Stablehost Enterprise hosting VS Shared hosting
Stablehost Enterprise Hosting Compare Table
When my websites grow-up and I need more CPU resources, more space I only need create a ticket then Stablehost will upgrade my account to enterprise hosting on a different server which stronger etc.. as on the table above you can see Stablehost supporters will help you repair your website if you got hacked, you websites may use full 2 CPU cores and one thing you didn’t see on the table above is enterprise hosting using full SSD, for shared hosting they use SSD for cache purpose only.

Stablehost Coupon

There are many Stablehost coupon code lets you buy Stablehost hosting cheaper than regular price on their home page and I have collected all the best Stablehost coupon as describe below:

1. Stablehost coupon when purchase Shared hosting

There are three coupons for you if you want purchase Shared web hosting at Stablehost:
- Coupon 50% off life time: ECLICKMOBI
With this coupon you will get 50% off life time, that’s mean  you still get 50% off when renew your web hosting, whenever you still you their hosting  you have to pay haft of price on home page.
- Coupon 50% off one time: TEK
With this coupon you will get 50% for one time only. When you renew your hosting you have to pay the same price on their home page. The coupon 50% off life time above is better this coupon but I still post it here in case the coupon 50% off life time has expire.
- Coupon 40% off one time: stable2015
You will get 40% off one time. Use this coupon in case two coupons above have expired.

2. Stablehost coupon when purchase Enterprise hosting

– Same as coupons for shared web hosting above, you may get 50% off one time only, the coupon 50% off life time only works when purchase shared web hosting.

3. Stablehost coupon when purchase Reseller hosting

– Same as coupons for shared web hosting above, you may get 50% off one time only, the coupon 50% off life time only works when purchase shared web hosting.

4. Stablehost coupon when purchase VPS hosting

– Same as coupons for shared web hosting above, you may get 50% off one time only, the coupon 50% off life time only works when purchase shared web hosting.
There are some coupons that give you 75% or 85% off but they are all expired, Stablehost released those coupons for Blackfriday only. If you got a better Stablehost coupon code so I will immediately update it into this post for you. If you found a better coupon please submit it via our contact form then I will update the coupon to share with other people. (Thanks)
If you’re using Stablehost web hosting so your feed back or review is very important for us and always welcome here. Please leave your comment/review below to share with us your experience.