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A DELUSIONAL Wateford woman is still clinging to her claims of being a ‘strawberry blonde’, some 34 years after being born a ginger.

Natalie Healy has been sporting a long and luscious mane of ginger hair for the majority of her life, but chooses to self-identify as a strawberry blonde much to the amusement of members of the local community.
While Natalie’s parents encouraged her to be proud of her ginger roots growing up, the 34-year-old engineer would always correct any compliments she received by adding ‘thanks, but I’m actually a strawberry blonde’.
Natalie also recently denied claims that she has regularly put subtle blonde highlights in her hair to boost her claims, even though this is quite clearly something she has done.
“Honestly, I don’t get the fuss. I’m very clearly a blonde who has strawberry inflections in my hair, so therefore, I’m a strawberry blonde,” Natalie told WWN, fooling absolutely no one.
A further blow to Natalie’s follicle delusions came earlier this year when the UN refused to recognise ‘strawberry blonde’ as an official hair colour which enjoys ‘protected status’, with the report into the hair colour concluding ‘come on now, stop wasting everyone’s time, it’s red or ginger but that’s it’.
“She’s redder than a Cork jersey made entirely of tomato ketchup, but God love her, she’s still on about strawberry blonde even though that’s not even a thing,”
vocal hair critic and husband to Natalie, Eoin Healy told WWN.