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Want to monetize your website with maximum available options at one place than this post is for you. Today I am going to review Propeller Ads Media, which can help you to monetize your website and make you some good earnings. Make Money With PropellerAds
Propeller Ads is one of the best and well-known pop-under ad networks. Apart from pop-under ads Propeller Ads offer various other options to monetize your website. I will show you how you can make money with Propeller Ads.
Why Propeller Ads
Before starting I want to tell you why you should use Propeller Ads.
Propeller Ads is one of the fastest growing advertisement network based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. They focus on 100% fill rate for publishers with maximum eCPM rates. Propeller Ads is also popular among advertisers as they focus on maximum ROI for the advertiser.
Propeller Ads Auto optimize campaigns to get best ROI and CPM rates. They are one of the highest fill rates with highest CPM rate providers in the industry. This means publisher’s ad space will get 100% fill rate and high CPM rates which will help them to make more money. Propeller Ads eCPM rates can be between $0.25 to $10 depending on the ad type and location.
Publishers place Propeller Ads on their website and Propeller Ads auto optimize the ads and shows high converting ads with high CPM rates. Publishers are paid on CPM basis which can be calculated like this.
Say you placed pop-under ads on your website. You get 5000 visitors per day, and average pop-under ads CPM rate is $2 then you will earn:
If only one pop-under ad is served to a visitor it will be 5000 ads / 1000 which will be 5 x $2 per CPM = $10 earning per day. (Please note CPM rates, how many time ad shown totally depend on site traffic location, etc. earning can vary)
Ad Formats
Propeller Ads is popular for Pop-under ads, but they do offer various types of ad formats. Let’s have a look how you can monetize your website with Propeller Ads.
Pop-under: Pop-under ads open a browser window behind the main (working) browser window. This is a full page ad, means advertiser’s website is opened in this window. Your site visitors don’t need to click on any banner or something; this window will open automatically as your site loads. You can expect very good CPM rates for Pop-under ads that are normally $1+.
Monetize your Website with Propeller Ads

Banner Ads: Propeller Ads offers various banner sizes that you can place on your website, one can expect CPMs between 1-$2. They offer banner size like 728×90, 160×600, 120×600, 300×250 and other.
Onclick ads: If you don’t feel any problem displaying full page ad on you website than this ad format can be for you. One can expect 200% more revenue and CPM rates of $10 with this ad format. Onclick ads will not affect your search engine rankings.
In-banner video: If your website fits for videos than this ad format is for you. Propeller Ads will play 10-30 sec video advertisement. Propeller Ads supports all type of website for video ads. Just place a few codes and your website will start displaying video ads before game loads or just before other video placed on your website.
Mobile Advertising: Propeller Ads offer advertising option for a mobile-friendly website. Publishers can display Dialog Ads/Push Up and Interstitial ads on their mobile friendly website.
Who Can Apply for Propeller Ads
At present Propeller Ads is accepting all type of publishers. One can apply Propeller Ads even their website is getting very little traffic.
To apply you have to fill the short sign-up form and Propeller Ads managers will get back to you.
To get paid your balance must reach the minimum payout of $100. Propeller Ads pays through Payoneer, Wire transfer, etc. At present, they don’t support PayPal.
Who should use Propeller Ads
If you are going to compare Propeller Ads with Google AdSense than Propeller Ads is not for you. AdSense is totally different platform compare to Propeller Ads. You can earn a lot less or lot high with Propeller Ads compare to AdSense.
If you are in a high competitive niche than with AdSense, you can earn a lot more. If you are in a very common niche where AdSense ads get low CTR and low earnings per click you can earn a lot more with Propeller Ads.
If your site gets very less traffic, say less than 1000 visitors per day than Propeller Ads may not give you good results. Propeller Ads is good for high traffic sites and who are ready to run Pop-under and Onclick ads, they can expect good returns.

Payment proof 

If you have lost your Google AdSense account, you can use Propeller Ads as AdSense alternative. You can also use Propeller Ads along with AdSense ads that will increase your overall earning.
This review is based on my own experience with Propeller Ads. I have found some complain regarding payment from Propeller Ads, and publisher getting banned. Regarding this Propeller Ads says this is because of fraud accounts that create artificial impressions and clicks using bot traffic.
I hope you find this review helpful, and this will help you to earn more with your website.