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Update 02/08/2018 : Binom Coporation đang không thanh toán cho team gian lận. Lý do có thể xem link bên dưới. Riêng team của Monitor Tekzoom mọi người đều được thanh toán ok hết. Mem nào dưới team Tekzoom không được thanh toán thì báo Tekzoom. Hy vọng anh em chơi đúng luật đừng có ngu si tạo nhiều tài khoản để bị khoá thanh toán. Trân trọng! :


A world-renown company Binom was founded in 2015. In 2018 we started operating globally because the Internet has provided unlimited opportunities for the application of our ideas on practice.
We have managed to create a long-term partnership with independent European betting experts who wished to work with us by using special analytical programs and precise mathematical algorithms developed by our specialists. Soon our work methods became a point of interest to large foreign and Russian betting managers who expressed their full readiness and agreement to act as our representatives at the world's largest betting platforms, such as William Hill and Betfair.

This became possible because of continuous improvement of our platform and our privateers' work at the highest quality level.
We have a clear understanding of the whole betting process and take a smart approach to all bet types at the heart of our progress.
We create favourable conditions for own development using bets on the following outcomes: football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and handball.
We have all bet types available owing to our experienced team. We actively use this advantage to forecast and place bets for top European championships successfully.
Chinese registration helps us cooperate with the Asian market which allows us to increase the flow of new investors continuously.
There is a widespread misconception about European bookmakers being able to manipulate the odds as allegedly the most popular leagues and championships take place on this continent. In reality, the one who has more liquidity has the power over the odds. This is why the Asian companies rule over the most popular leagues regardless of their geographic location. Asia sets the betting odds closer to the middle of the week, and then the rest of world adjusts theirs respectively.
Precisely at this time, you can observe the rise in the number of bets. From this moment onwards, it does not make much of a difference where a particular bookmaker company is situated. The most significant European bookmakers reflect that bridge between the Asian and European players. The Asian bookmaker market is unique as local players place most of their bets on the top leagues and almost ignore minor ones. This is why we cooperate with partners from all over the world. This method and work strategy reinforce our positions and make cooperation with us more attractive, profitable and comfortable for our clients. Everyone who is somehow familiar with the world of betting at the profit angle cannot doubt that Binom is more advantageous than any other bookmaker company. The fact that players not only can make bets but also accept them stipulates such attention and trust.
All our clients can be players and beneficiaries at the same time. Also, the players have an opportunity to set the odds for bets they place or accept.
We managed to unite all types of profitmaking related to betting in one place using the potential of our company alone.
You can use help and our opportunities while remaining both passive and active partner and a successful active bookmaker.
For any cooperation, our company will make every effort to help you become a successful person and increase your capital.

  • Accept : BTC, Payeer, Advcash, PerfectMoney, ETH
  • Withdraw : Manual [48hours]
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Proof 7-May-2018

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