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Review ICO Cubomania [CUBO] - Start 20 Apr 2018

Review ICO Cubomania [CUBO] - Start 20 Apr 2018

Cubomania is creating an online platform for early childhood education that will allow creation and provide access to modern education programs. These programs will allow teachers, educators and other professionals involved in the sphere of education to fulfil their potential and help learners (aged 4-14) get acquainted with gamification and discover a completely new system of obtaining knowledge. Cubomania started as an IoT Smart-toy. However, the idea of an AI-based virtual character that interacts with kids based on their individual characteristics opened up an opportunity for the ultimate blockchain platform development and a new type of content creation. Cubomania is creating an online platform for early childhood education with the integration into the physical environment.

Token info

Token CUBO
Platform Ethereum
Token Price 0.00015 ETH (0.097533 USD)
Token for sale 510,000,000 CUBO
Token supply 1,000,000,000 CUBO

Investment info

Hard cap 38,100 ETH (24,773,382 USD)
Accepting BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETC
Restricted countries China, South Korea, United States of America
Know Your Customer Yes
Bonus - Pre-sale Stage 1 (April 20 - May 1): 50%
- Pre-sale Stage 2 (May 1 - 10): 33%
- Crowdsale Stage 1 (May 10 - 27): 10%
- Crowdsale Stage 2 (May 27 - June 14): 0%

Video About Cubomania

  1. 2016

    Concept study
  2. 2017
    Cubomania Device development
    Taken part in 11 technological events
    Vernadsky Challenge winner
  3. 2018 Q1
    Finished product - CuboBuddy
    Cubomania CES 2018 TOP 12 finalist from more than 800 startups
  4. 2018 Q2
    Token sale launch
    Educational platform beta release
    CuboCore ™ ROS early stage development
    Production line establishment
  5. 2018 Q3
    Scheduled launch of the Cubomania educational platform
    Development of distributions channels
    Education AI based assistant BETA release
  6. 2018 Q4
    CuboBuddy sales start in Japan, China, Europe, the UAE
  7. 2019 Q1
    Education AI based assistant launch
  8. 2019 Q3
    CuboCore ™ ROS Beta release
  9. 2019 Q4
    Release SDK for robot developers
  10. 2020 Q1
    CuboCore ™ ROS Launch event

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