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Review ICO Elysian [ELY] - Start 4, Jul 2018

Review ICO Elysian [ELY] - Start 4, Jul 2018

Elysian is a decentralized Ecommerce platform to build websites on the blockchain with improved security and revolutionary user experience. Customer data storage becomes more secure, and users are able to actively engage in platform or website navigation through the implementation of aesthetically pleasing technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. The platform serves as an intermediary between Ecommerce businesses, which build their websites on our platform, and their targeted demographic of consumers.

About Elysian

Elysian is a decentralized platform that builds Ecommerce websites on the blockchain and uses innovative features such as upgraded security and unprecedented user experience to fix current flaws in the Ecommerce industry. The platform integrates blockchain technology to provide improved services in comparison to its competitors that do not operate on the blockchain. Elysian will use the Proof-of-Authority algorithm on its platform. Proof-of-Authority consensus will provide the Elysian ecosystem with a private blockchain to store encrypted credit card information and other user data securely over a distributed network, which will build trust between Ecommerce businesses and consumers. In addition, user experience faces a drastic transformation by implementing artificial intelligence and virtual reality to create simple, efficient website navigation and aesthetically pleasing graphics for users to provide the ultimate experience.

Video About Elysian


  • Q2 / 2017
The Elysian concept is born

  • Q3 / 2017 - Q1 / 2018
The concept is in development
  • Q2 / 2018
The Elysian Private Event begins, followed shortly thereafter by the Elysian TGE
  • Q3 / 2018
Team Expansion; Launch of the official Desktop Wallet (Windows, Linux & Mac)
  • Q4 / 2018
Launch of the official Mobile Wallet (iOS & Android)
  • Q1 / 2019
Private blockchain implementation for data storage
  • Q2 / 2019
Launch of the official Elysian Merch Program

  • Q3 / 2019
Launch of the official Elysian Platform
  • Q4 / 2019
Atomic Swap integration into the Elysian Ecommerce platform
  • Q1 / 2020
Expand the range of altcoins accepted on the Elysian platform
  • Q2 / 2020
Opening of a Strategic Office in Europe
  • Q3 / 2020
Opening of a Strategic Office in Asia
  • Q4 / 2020
AI integration into the Ecommerce platform
  • Q3 / 2021
VR integration into the Ecommerce platform
  • 2024
1% of the global Ecommerce websites start using the Elysian platform

Token info

Token : ELY
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
PreICO price : 1 ELY = 0.06 USD
Price in ICO : 1 ELY = 0.12 USD


Private Event - 66.67% discount on ending ICO price. Pre-TGE - 50% discount on ending ICO price. TGE phase 1 - 33% discount on ending ICO price TGE phase 2 - 16.67% discount on ending ICO price TGE phase 3 - ending ICO price.
Tokens for sale

Investment info

Accepting : Ethereum
Distributed in ICO : 23%
Soft cap : 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 19,000,000 USD

White page : check here

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