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[SCAM] Review ICO HashCard [HSHC] - Start 01, May, 2018

[SCAM] Review ICO HashCard [HSHC] - Start 01, May, 2018


HashCard converts your cryptocurrencies to traditional currency in real-time via an instant conversion to Fiat ensuring the best exchange rates. Payment and withdrawals can be made anywhere that VISA/MasterCard is accepted.

About HashCard

Ease of use and superior functionality makes the Hash Card a must-have card for anyone who regularly spends money in foreign currency. It is not just for Ether or Bitcoin holders. Hash Card is the card that really does work in the everyday world. Many previous attempts have been made to create a bitcoin card that offers a decentralized bank, instant conversions and reliable exchange rates. Until Hash Card, this has not been achieved despite millions of dollars being poured into the concept.

The physical Hash card can be used wherever credit/debit cards are accepted. It works online and in the bricks and mortar space. It’s just like a regular credit/debit card with the key difference bring that the user is spending Ether, Bitcoin and other 25+ altcoins.

A real-time transaction takes place each time the card is swiped. Only the precise amount spent with the Hash Card is exchanged from ETH/BTC/Altcoins. The rest of the card owners funds remain stored in their secure wallet.
The ability to exchange money at precise interbank exchange rates using Hash Card App.

Peace of mind knowing the user enjoys precise interbank rates whenever spending on their Hash Card

FREE and real-time transfer of funds between Hash Card App users. Funds are instantly available on the recipients Hash Card.

Beta stage testing of the Hash card & wallet is almost complete enabling the Hash Card to be launched during the public token sale.

Hash cards are limited to the first 3000 subscribers. Distribution will be every two weeks in batches.

Video About HashCard


  • Nov 2017
The Hashcard Idea is born.

  • Dec 2017
Negotiations with Debit card issuer in Asia.

  • January 2018
First round of investors and partners. Whitepaper
prepared. Debit card confirmed.

  • February 2018
Card Wallet MVP, Legal structure finalized.

  • March 2018
Website, wallet and card beta testing.
Public announcement at Blockchain Summit
Zurich 2018.

  • May 2018
Whitelist and public token sale.

  • Q3, 2018
NFC Payments.

  • Q4, 2018
EU card issuer backup, essential licenses, internal
coin exchange.

  • Q4, 2018
Corporate and Salary cards.


Token info

Token : HSHC
Platform : Ethereum
Type : ERC20
Price in ICO : 1 HSHC = 0.10 USD


First 48 HRS 30%
MAY 3 - MAY 13 20%
MAY 13 - MAY 23 15%
MAY 23 - JUN 2 10%
JUN 2 - JUN 12 5%
Tokens for sale

Investment info

Accepting : ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO : 60%
Soft cap : 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 9,000,000 USD

White Page : Check here

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