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About the project:

You will not surprise anyone with a decentralized exchange, but the fact that on this exchange you can consistently make good money both on deposits, as well as receive referral rewards for invitations, this is already something interesting.

Yes, there are exchanges such as Biswap, Pear and others, but the investment stage is too complicated for a simple investor. Plus the risk of choosing the wrong pair and getting a loss instead of profit.



Deximum invites its investors to take part in the formation of the liquidity pool for the exchange and is ready to pay a good percentage of profit for this in the form of its DST token.

From the start, this token cost exactly $ 0.15 and, in fact, was a purely internal currency that did not come into contact with the world of the blockchain in any way. But after the presentation in Riga on September 16th, this can be considered the start of the Deximum project and the transition of the project to smart contracts. It is then that the token rate begins to grow.

The Deximum exchange plans to conquer the market with its most profitable offers, which cannot be compared with other decentralized exchanges. For example, these are:
- Providing constant limits for users, no slippage and uncompleted transactions
- Exporting private keys
- The lowest commission for exchange operations
- Low initial cost
- The ability to receive a fixed percentage of profit from investing in a liquidity pool
- Powerful affiliate program

As for the official representatives, Janis Balodis acts as the Marketing Director. According to the description, Janis has served as a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce for 30 years of entrepreneurial activity, was the founder of the European Institute of Biometrics "Alpha", participated in the development of international trade projects.

How to register

To register in the project, follow this link to the project website: Registration link



Investment proposal of the deximum me project

As I have already noted, investors are invited to take part in the formation of the liquidity pool. And in order to have sufficient turnover of funds, investor deposits freeze for a certain period of time. The investor himself chooses this period, 3, 6, 12 or 15 months.

Accordingly, the interest rate will depend on the term of the freeze of the deposit. The higher the term, the higher the percentage you will receive.
Interest is charged in the form of a DST token.

But there is also early withdrawal of the deposit ahead of schedule. True, a fairly large commission will be charged so that investors provide liquidity for a longer time.
The commission is 36% of the deposit.

Initial cost of the DST token: $ 0.15
From September 16th, this token begins to grow, according to the excellent token burning system, as well as due to the liquidity pool that will be formed. This will allow to keep the constant growth of the token at the level of approximately 20% - 30% per month.

Thus, the investor will receive both a percentage of the deposit and a percentage of the growth of the token. The projected profitability for the investor is about 330% for 1 year. 

Freeze for 3 months
Your income is about 0.16% per day in DST tokens
Approximate monthly percentage: 5%
Plus an increase in the value of the token
You can invest: BTC, ETH

Freeze for 6 months
Your income is about 0.3% per day in DST tokens
Approximate monthly percentage: 9%
Plus an increase in the value of the token
You can invest: USDT, ETH

Freeze for 12 months
Your income is about 0.4% per day in DST tokens
Approximate monthly percentage: 12%
Plus an increase in the value of the token
You can invest: USDT, BTC

Freeze for 15 months
Your income is about 0.5% in day in DST tokens
Approximate monthly percentage: 15%
Plus an increase in the cost of the token
Investments: USDT, BTC, ETH

After investing in the liquidity pool, the first accrual occurs in 48 hours

How to open a deposit

  • Step 1 : Add fund

Click : Wallets >> Choose Crypto wallet >> Deposit.

  • Step 2 : Invest

Click : Liquidity Pool >> Choose months plan >> Change pool >> Top up Pool.


Input and output in deximum project

At the time of this writing, the project works with only three cryptocurrencies, these are USDT based on Etherum, BitCoin and Ethereum.
Soon they will add USDT based on Tron and as the platform grows, they will increase the number of currency pairs.

You can sell the DST token to the project itself at any time, there are no restrictions in this regard.

Payouts: Instant Withdrawal
commission: None. Network fees only
Minimum withdrawal amount: -
Payment systems: USDT ERC20, BitCoin, Ethereum

Referral program in the project

In the project, the decompression type of the affiliate program implements the accrual of a percentage of the deposits of referrals from the entire structure to the lowest level.

The percentage of remuneration depends on your personal level. Basically, this is your rank. It is initially zero.
The higher the rank, the higher the referral reward. Well, plus small bonuses for some of the levels reached.


Well, decompression marketing means that you will receive a percentage in something like this.
Let's say your Level 15. On it, you get 10% of the deposits of your referrals.
If your personal referral has Level 4, according to which he receives 4.5%, then your income from the partner of the 3rd line is calculated as follows: 10% - 4.5% = 6.5%.

 Affiliate reward: 3% of the referral's deposit 




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